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APS New Pick

AwesomePennyStocks new pick comes this week!

UPDATE: APS new pick is SVEN

Several AwesomePennyStocks affiliates including Titanstocks sent out an email last weekend alerting to a new pick being announced this week, according to the email the pick will be announced sometime in the next few days!

AwesomePennyStocker loves to report on APS and will be updating on whatever the pick is on a daily basis; I just hope the new pick is more along the lines of a TAGG rather than a SLIO.

Those who have been following APS for years has seen them go from masters of one day wonders to long term successful deals that went to multi-dollars powered by multi-million dollar budget hard mailer campaigns. Their reputation and huge following really started with the likes of North Spring Resources, (DEL: NSRS) Sunpeak Ventures (PINK: SNPK) and Great Wall Builders, Ltd (PINK: GWBU)

Since these 3 successful multi dollar picks APS had a string of losers that spelling huge losses for investors and massive gains for APS including PGSY, RARS among others. TAGG is the one that surprised everyone, the stock traded in a range between $0.10 and $0.15 for weeks before it exploded to highs of $0.479

Bottom Line: Buying APS picks when they announced them used to be a winning strategy but that all ended a long time ago. I would wait and watch how the stock trades; looking back at their previous successful picks all broke out and made their biggest gains long after they initially announced it and when those stocks broke out, it was fairly predictable.

TAGG traded for weeks between $0.10 and $0.15 before volume picked up and it exploded north out of the trading range. The moment that TAGG moved over $0.15 on increased volume was the best time to buy.

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