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There has been a spectacular rise in the Bio-Matrix Scientific Group, Inc to over a penny from triple zero twos. The stock continues to explode massively and the speculators predict that this would rise further.

Regen BioPharma is BSMN’s subsidiary which has formulated HemaXellerate I™ which is a new stem cell drug to fight Aplastic Anemia. It is due to the introduction of this drug that the stock of BSMN is so excited. BSMN has submitted an investigational New Drug (IND) application to the FDA and by the look of it, things are going up.

HemaXellerate I™ would combat Aplastic Anemia. It is a stem cell drug which is eligible for Orphan Drug status. This makes HemaXellerate I™ fully approvable by the FDA in within 60 days to bypass an extensive Phase I, II, III, IV of FDA  approval procedure.

The potential market for new drugs by companies is well over $10 billion. Though BSMN is a small biotechnology company that trades with net market valuation of several million dollars, it has a spectacular chance and trade opportunity for investors.


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Bio-Matrix Scientific Group, Inc.
Shares Outstanding: 216,948,784
Market Cap: $2,039,319


The speculators of Penny Stocks should be very well aware of the fact that the stocks as juicy as this one come around the corner quite often but in the end, they do not turn out very favorable for the investors as most of the time, they are fluff lies.

Investors await patiently for news from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about HemaXellerate I™ as it could either mean an explosion in volumes and price of shares or a considerable downfall leaving behind the investors holding empty bags.



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